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About BRUCE Adult Family Homes 
Program and Goals
BRUCE Adult Family Homes has been providing quality care to those in need since 2010. It was founded by Jason and Amanda Roth.  In doing so they hoped to accomplish one thing: provide a home in which each individual will be able to thrive in an environment that is the least restrictive possible. 

A home is:
  •  A place where you feel safe and secure.
  •  A place where you are cared for and about, respected and treated with dignity.
  •  A place where your individuality is celebrated.
  •  A place where supportive relationships are built to encourage independence.
  •  A place where small moments turn into momentous occasions and those memories held dear to our hearts.

These bullets represent the foundation of which this company was built on. 

Our program is designed to encourage independent functioning consistent with each individual's abilities and maximum potential.